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Inculcate native Hawaiian traditions to enjoy your Hawaiian Wedding

Wedding is a ceremonial occasion in which two people are united with vows and promises of living happily together and keeping their marriage forever. Wedding makes a fairy tale dream come true and with a growing trend of lavishly spending money on weddings, people tend to leave no stone unturned to make their special day memorable for a lifetime. With a rise in the standard of living of the people, Hawaiian Weddings is something that everyone looks forward to and its craze is growing world-wide.

There are many Hawaiian Wedding Packages that come with undoubtedly unforgettable experiences of a dream beach wedding. These Hawaiian Weddings are actually based on physical Beauty and the rich culture of the place. The weather and environment is too suitable for a beach wedding unlike any other costal place in the world. Moreover Hawaiian Wedding Traditions is something no one can miss out on. No matter what your budget is it is definitely important to inculcate the various Hawaiian Wedding Traditions. We have come up with the important Hawaiian Wedding Traditions that you must embrace no matter what kind of Hawaiian Wedding Package you have opted for:

1.    LEI

The flower garlands known as Lei is an important traditional aspect of the Hawaiian Wedding. Lei signifies love and respect that the bride and the groom have for each other and for their marriage. The tradition relating to Lei is that both the bride and the groom exchange their Leis. This exchange signifies the unbreakable and eternal love commitment towards each other. Everyone attending the wedding are accustomed to wear flower garlands. The groom wear garlands made up of green maile leaves whereas the bride wear strands of white and pink Pikake along with orchids and rosebuds. She also wears a Headpiece of Haku Flowers.

2.    Traditional Attire

Both the Bride and the groom are accustomed to wear white. The Bride wears a long white dress which is a kind of flowing dress often referred to as muumuuish. The Groom is assumed to dress formally wearing white trousers or slacks with a white shirt. The groom is also supposed to wear a red sash around his waist.

3.    Music

The Hawaiian Wedding music is obviously amongst the most romantic music and of course one of a kind. For this purpose musicians can be hired along with some hula dancers that can totally set the scene for the perfect wedding setup. The traditional Hawaiian Wedding song Ke Kali Nei Au written by Charles King can be played easily as it has been translated to English.

4.    Rings and Their significance

Traditionally the native rings of the Hawaiian wedding are made up of Koa Wood and Ti leaf ring, these two have an integral significance on the wedding vows. Firstly Koa, is a valuable hardwood that represents strength and integral bond i.e. the two foundational qualities of marriage. Secondly, Ti leaf represents blessing and prosperity for the health, body and souls of both the brined and the groom. These rings are sprayed with water as a sign of purity of the wedding relationship.

5.    Feast

The Hawaiian wedding feast is something you can’t miss out on. There is a variety of food served here namely, 

•    POI a paste made of taro root,
•    Laulau, it is basically a method of preparing meat, fish and chicken by carefully rapping and covering it with Ti leaves,
•    Pau a raw fish which is flavoured with vegetables and seaweed
•    For desserts Kulolo is served that is basically a coconut pudding added with brown sugar along with taro root flavourings

These days a variety of fresh fishes are served with melange of flavours. A variety of cuisines are served in Hawaii so do not miss out on any of these if you plan your Hawaiian Wedding. And yes don’t you dare forget about the Kalua Pig, if you want to experience the true flavour of an Hawaiian wedding.

All these traditional aspects are important for a perfect Hawaiian Wedding. Make sure you opt for a Wedding in Hawaii all inclusive of the above given traditions in your Hawaiian Wedding package. Inculcate these customs and make your Hawaiian wedding an occasion to remember.

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