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Destination Hawaii Wedding: The Best Way To Get Hitched!

Whether you are eloping or planning for a destination wedding in Hawaii, any sort of wedding ceremony can no way be better than the Hawaii Wedding.

Hawaii weddings are like those fairytale weddings where the bride gets to dress up like a princess and the groom like her prince charming and then both kiss each other in solace in the lap of nature. Oh, wonder, how beautiful the scene would be!

Here are a few living examples which are definitely going to take your breath away:-

•The Beautiful Destination Hawaii Wedding Of Ashley And Daegan

It was the Saturday morning of 13th of January 2018 when Ashley and Daegan were all set to tie the knot, in the presence of Reverend Michael Nelson, at Waialae-Kahala Beach. It was because of the Hawaii wedding planners they had opted for, even the ballistic missile threat in Hawaii didn’t shudder them nor prevented them from taking the vows of love.

The couple arrived at the park all relaxed, Ashley was decked up in a white lace gown while Daegan in a formal white shirt and trousers. They both looked stunning together. Hand in hand, strolling across the beach they came when the conch blew, thus, signifying the start of the holy wedding ceremony. It was followed by a unity sand ceremony, taking of vows, exchanging rings, Hawaii lei exchange symbolic of the gift of love.

•The Memorable Hawaii Wedding Of Jay And Amy

 Having married in the court, Jay and Amy relived their wedding moments in the Hawaiian style wedding, by choosing the Paradise Hawaii wedding package, at Magic Island, Ala Moana, on 30th December 2017. Amy flaunted in her exemplary white wedding gown with an alluring French bouquet and a white orchid Haiku head lei while Jay looked killer in his cream-colored suit. The ceremony was conducted by Reverend Michael Nelson. In addition to the similar Hawaiian wedding proceedings, Hawaiian wedding song was sung to the tunes of the guitar along with beautiful videography and photographic moments.

The end of the ceremony was splendid with the couple on a limousine ride, along with the champagne service, around Honolulu. Dinner was served at the Signature restaurant.

•Hawaii Wedding Of Kristen And Calvin

The Plumeria Plus Hawaii wedding package fulfilled their dreams on 12th December, 2017 at Waimanalo Bay Beach in the presence of Reverend Mike. This couple lived their intimate moments with their beloved parents. Kristen wore a stylish white gown and Calvin was dressed in gray trousers with the white shirt. Kristen looked fabulous in her multicolor floral Haku head lei.

The ceremony had similar proceedings as above followed by the couple dance. What a joyous moment it was!

•Destination Hawaii Wedding Of Marlea And Ed

They proceeded with the Plumeria package which led to the most happening moment of their life on 19th December 2017 at Waimanalo Bay Beach. What a heavenly aura it was amidst their parents and loved ones! Reverend Mike officiated it.

Marlea held a beautiful bouquet of yellow orchids with heirloom ancestral photos. The newlyweds were given Kukui nut leis while others the orchid leis. Their plan of a Hawaii wedding and honeymoon indeed came out to be marvelous one!

So, what fascinates you to have your destination wedding in Hawaii? Is it that white gown any of the above brides wore or the unique Hawaiian tradition? No matter what it may be, the Hawaiian weddings are sure to make you get over those outrageous traditional wedding costs, thus helping you to set your own wedding goals right in your budgets.

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True Cost Of Having A Wedding In Hawaii: There’s A Lot You Can Save!

Are you letting yourself go away from the idea of having a Hawaii destination wedding? Is that the very image of an average Hawaiian wedding cost which is bothering you? Well, with its Aloha spirit, Hawaii extends a warm welcome to everyone from any corner of the world to organize a budget-friendly destination wedding. 

So, before you let the traditional wedding plans burn a hole in your pocket, consider the estimated cost of a Hawaii beach wedding, which is definitely better than those conventional plans and are sure to save you loads:-

•Wedding Venues- Hawaii offers a wide list of wedding venues from the cheapest to the high-end. In order to have a budget-friendly Hawaiian wedding, the cheapest Hawaiian wedding venues are the best to choose from. To name a few are Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel in Oahu, Hilton Hawaiian Village in Oahu, Aston Kaanapali Shores in Maui, Hookano Hall at St Johns By The Sea Episcopal Church in Oahu, Maria Lanakila Catholic Church in Maui, and so on.

For couples planning to tie a knot at the beach, they have to give a permit of $50. To add more to a wedding setting, it is going to cost you around $495- $895 additionally.  On an average, you just need $1000 to $2000 (on high-ends) to get married uniquely amidst the Hawaiian beauty! So, which way you are planning to have your wedding in Hawaii?

•Hawaiian Destination Wedding Packages- Choosing a destination wedding package will not only help you to save more but also makes your wedding to be planned and organized in a much easier way. The event planner and coordinator is always available round the clock to help you with the planning and proceedings. The affordable wedding packages range from $250 to $1290. You just need to choose one based on your budget.

The destination wedding packages (based on their costs) come along with many wedding services such as a Hawaii licensed minister, lei exchange, decorative certificates, bouquet, personalized copy of vows, limo service, professional photographers, music, and drinks, etc.

With the wedding package in hand, you will never fall short of anything at the wedding.

•Flowers And Décor- If you are on a tight budget, then planning for an outdoor wedding setup in the lap of natural Hawaiian beauty is the best way to reduce the extra costs of flowers and decorations. Try to keep the floral costs minimal, i.e. $200-$300. The botanical garden is the best place to get married if all you want is low floral costs. 

•Guests- While some of the destination wedding packages include guest service, however, it is pretty difficult to estimate how much it would cost for your guests as it depends from which part of the world they are flying from. On an average, a round-trip flight costs $1500 for two from the US mainland. You may even leave the transportation costs of your guests to be arranged by them. The benefit of planning a Hawaii beach wedding is a few numbers of invited guests, which, means more saving.

Now, where there are so many good things, there are also the myths! If Maui is among your desired Hawaiian wedding destinations, then the existing myths such as ‘Destination wedding in Maui is very expensive’, ‘None of the guests would be flying to Maui’, etc. holds no ground and are in no way imperative.

Remember, Hawaiian destination wedding is in itself a bliss full of fantasies, no matter where you get it organized whether Maui or Oahu. It will always remain close to your heart as your fondest memory. 

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Vow Renewal Hawaii: Vouching For New Vows To Renew The Old Ties!

It’s been years since you last donned that prim and proper wedding gown of yours and saw your man waiting at the aisle for you?

In these many years of a marital union, you both have created memories together which now you have a family to share with. Why not go for a small detour, down the fast-paced track of life and give your wedding vows a chance to rearrange themselves? They do deserve it after all these years of understanding and blissful marriage

Here’s what you need to look forth at if you are planning a wedding vow renewal, Hawaii!

•    You mustn’t compromise this time! Be it with the preparation time, choosing the location, clothes, catering, your guest list and also some arrangement to indulge your children and pets with, it has to be perfect the second time!

•    This time it shouldn’t be you and your parent but your kids guiding you down the aisle towards their father or maybe it can be the other way round! Whatever floats your wild boat! A Hawaii wedding location be it a beach or a mountain cliff is a welcome sight.

•    The music need not be symphonic but something that you both feel related too. It doesn’t have to be in a church/chapel either. This time why not make nature the witness of your union?

•    New vows! Yes, the main part. After all these years you know your partner in and out. Make sure that you surprise them with your vows. Vow renewal Hawaii is quite famous. Along with the perfect backdrop and the most romantic vibes, this is the place that brings out the real you.

•    The old charm must be revived. Any key aspect from your previous Big Day that everyone on your guest list remembers must be incorporated too.

•    With the obvious renewal of wedding location and more family involvement, this wedding would be more within your inner circle which means that you must personally pick up the return gifts.

•    The first dance re-done must be a song that sings to both your souls combined.

•    The perfect place for a father to re-enact “How I met your mother”. Make sure that stories galore are told and enjoyed over a meal that caters to everyone’s need.

•    This wedding might or might not require an official attendant for vow renewal, that’s your choice but do make sure that you hire a professional photographer to capture the memories that’d, later on, add to the moments celebrated by you.

•    Will all the food and stories set on the table, it’s time for dessert! Yes, the wedding cake. Make sure that this one isn’t bland or the traditional cake you see at weddings. This one has to be just as special as the occasion.

So choose your Hawaii wedding location for your vow renewals wisely, something which is apt for this special occasion. For vow renewal is a very private matter in which two people express their gratitude, love, and affection for each other. Acknowledge openly that they have survived through the tides and that they would continue to do so.
Believe me, vow renewal Hawaii is more than surreal!

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