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True Cost Of Having A Wedding In Hawaii: There’s A Lot You Can Save!

Are you letting yourself go away from the idea of having a Hawaii destination wedding? Is that the very image of an average Hawaiian wedding cost which is bothering you? Well, with its Aloha spirit, Hawaii extends a warm welcome to everyone from any corner of the world to organize a budget-friendly destination wedding. 

So, before you let the traditional wedding plans burn a hole in your pocket, consider the estimated cost of a Hawaii beach wedding, which is definitely better than those conventional plans and are sure to save you loads:-

•Wedding Venues- Hawaii offers a wide list of wedding venues from the cheapest to the high-end. In order to have a budget-friendly Hawaiian wedding, the cheapest Hawaiian wedding venues are the best to choose from. To name a few are Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel in Oahu, Hilton Hawaiian Village in Oahu, Aston Kaanapali Shores in Maui, Hookano Hall at St Johns By The Sea Episcopal Church in Oahu, Maria Lanakila Catholic Church in Maui, and so on.

For couples planning to tie a knot at the beach, they have to give a permit of $50. To add more to a wedding setting, it is going to cost you around $495- $895 additionally.  On an average, you just need $1000 to $2000 (on high-ends) to get married uniquely amidst the Hawaiian beauty! So, which way you are planning to have your wedding in Hawaii?

•Hawaiian Destination Wedding Packages- Choosing a destination wedding package will not only help you to save more but also makes your wedding to be planned and organized in a much easier way. The event planner and coordinator is always available round the clock to help you with the planning and proceedings. The affordable wedding packages range from $250 to $1290. You just need to choose one based on your budget.

The destination wedding packages (based on their costs) come along with many wedding services such as a Hawaii licensed minister, lei exchange, decorative certificates, bouquet, personalized copy of vows, limo service, professional photographers, music, and drinks, etc.

With the wedding package in hand, you will never fall short of anything at the wedding.

•Flowers And Décor- If you are on a tight budget, then planning for an outdoor wedding setup in the lap of natural Hawaiian beauty is the best way to reduce the extra costs of flowers and decorations. Try to keep the floral costs minimal, i.e. $200-$300. The botanical garden is the best place to get married if all you want is low floral costs. 

•Guests- While some of the destination wedding packages include guest service, however, it is pretty difficult to estimate how much it would cost for your guests as it depends from which part of the world they are flying from. On an average, a round-trip flight costs $1500 for two from the US mainland. You may even leave the transportation costs of your guests to be arranged by them. The benefit of planning a Hawaii beach wedding is a few numbers of invited guests, which, means more saving.

Now, where there are so many good things, there are also the myths! If Maui is among your desired Hawaiian wedding destinations, then the existing myths such as ‘Destination wedding in Maui is very expensive’, ‘None of the guests would be flying to Maui’, etc. holds no ground and are in no way imperative.

Remember, Hawaiian destination wedding is in itself a bliss full of fantasies, no matter where you get it organized whether Maui or Oahu. It will always remain close to your heart as your fondest memory. 

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